Minor Hans-Erwin

Mass balance studies on Griesgletscher and Silvrettagletscher

Project Number: ETHZ 12923
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 03/11/2005 - ?
Funding Source: ETH , private ,
Project Leader: Prof. em. Hans-Erwin Minor

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Research Areas:
Cryosphere (Processes)
Natural science
Local scale
Systematic Monitoring and Remote Sensing
High Altitude

other areas of earth sciences


Temporal changes in the spatial distribution of the mass balance result primarily from changes in accumulation and melt along the surface. As a consequence, variations in mass of glaciers reflect changes in climate and the energy fluxes at the earth's surface.
For the two alpine glaciers Gries in the central Alps and Silvretta at the north slope in the eastern Swiss Alps long time series of mass balance measurements are currently continued. The distribution of seasonal accumulation and ablation rates are measured in-situ. Traditional field methods are combined with remote sensing techniques to track changes in mass, geometry and the flow behaviour of the two glaciers. These investigations contribute to the Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network and the International network of the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS).

URL: https://www.rdb.ethz.ch/projects/project.php?proj_id=12923&type=search&z_detailed=1&z_popular=1&z_keywords=1

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