Walter Fabian

Glacial Hazard Monitoring with Seismology (GlaHMSeis)

Project Number: PP00P2_157551
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 04/01/2015 - 03/31/2019
Funding Source: SNSF ,
Project Leader: Prof. Fabian Walter
Versuchsanstalt für Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie, VAW
ETH Zürich
Hönggerbergring 26
8093 Zürich
Phone: +41 (0) 44 632 41 62 ; +41 (0) 44 632 40 91
FAX: +41 (0) 44 632 11 92
e-Mail: walter(at)

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Research Areas:
High Altitude

hydrology, limnology, glaciology

seismology, glaciers, natural hazards, climate change

In collaboration with the Swiss Seismological Service (SED), this project employs seismic monitoring as a new approach to study the processes leading to glacier failure. Harnessing recent advances in crustal seismology, the project will emphasize the analysis of seismic background noise (e.g. Campillo and Roux, 2014). The driving idea is that brittle processes within glacier ice do not only lead discrete "icequake" events, but also have an influence on the velocity of seismic waves traveling within the ice. Moreover, extended tremor signals of englacial water flow will be scrutinized, because water is known to play a central role in glacier sliding. As part of this project, new seismic data sets from high-altitude hanging glaciers, steep glacier tongues (see Figure ''Weisshorn'', right) and unstable ice dams will be collected. At the same time, existing multi-seasonal icequake catalogs will be included as a means to evaluate the sensitivity of englacial fracture growth to external forcings.


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