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Project Leader Project Title Type of Project
Past behavior of the Southern Ocean’s atmosphere and cryosphere (SOUTHSPHERE) Research_Project
Bartels-Rausch Thorsten The impact of the physical micro-environment of impurities in snow on their re-distribution during metamorphism, chemical reactivity, and transfer to ice core archives. Research_Project
Berne Alexis Characterization of summer precipitation in a coastal region of Antarctica Research_Project
Ellwood Michael Tracing the iron cycle in the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus iceCP-TOF Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Deciphering the greenhouse gas record in deepest ice using continuous sublimation extraction/laser spectrometry Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Beyond EPICA – Oldest Ice Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Climate and Environmental Physics – Innovations in Ice Core Science (iCEP)
Fischer Hubertus NOTICE: Noble gas global mean ocean thermometry on ice cores Research_Project
Hassler Christel Impact of interactions between biological key players on iron and carbon recycling in the Southern Ocean: Consequences for iron limitation Research_Project
Hassler Christel Biodiversity and isolation of bacteria and viruses in contrasted regions of the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Holm Patricia Die Kälte erobern: Sind antarktische Fische fähig, die Belastung mit Umweltchemikalien zu bewältigen? Research_Project
Jaccard Samuel AmocCC - Constraining the relationship between climate, ACC flow intensity and Antarctic Meridional Overturning Circulation across the last glacial cycle Research_Project
Lohmann Ulrike A new parameterization scheme for ice and snow in climate models Research_Project
Paul Frank Glaciers_cci (Phase 2) Research_Project
Schaepman-Strub Gabriela Feedbacks between biodiversity and climate through plant traits and light interaction in the Arctic tundra Research_Project
Schneebeli Martin Snow dynamics: From microscopic experiments to macroscopic applications via dedicated mean-field modeling Research_Project
Schwikowski Margit Paleo fires from high-alpine ice cores Research_Project
Steffen Konrad Surface Climate of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Assessment of Accumulation Variability and Change: the Greenland Climate Network (GC-Net)
Stocker Thomas Climate and Environmental Physics Research_Project
Zemp Michael Copernicus Climate Change Service GLACIER Research_Project
Zemp Michael World Glacier Monitoring Service Research_Project

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