Cercl'Air - Schweizerische Gesellschaft der Lufthygiene-Fachleute
Cercl'Air - Société suisse des responsables de l'hygiène de l'air

Type of Structure: society / association
Regional Scope: national in the area: Switzerland / Europe
Parent Organisations:
Child Organisations:
Duration : 1978 to present
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General information and objectives

Cercl'Air is the association of Swiss authority and university representatives on air pollution control.

Cercl'Air ist die Vereinigung der schweizerischen Behörden- und Hochschulvertreter im Bereich der Luftreinhaltung. Sie umfasst heute ca. 200 Mitglieder.

Cercl'Air est une société qui regroupe des représentants des autorités et des hautes écoles suisses qui traitent de la protection de l'air
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    The goal of the Cercl'Air is to c-ordinate the application of official measures for air pollution and electrosmog control and to support confederation and cantons in the development and formulation of regulations, guidelines and concepts. Its activities can be summarized as follows:
    1. Periodical exchange of experience and information between members.
    2. Formation of working groups for specific topics.
    3. Cooperation in consultation procedures
    4. Organization of conferences and excursions.
    5. Contact maintenance with other organizations and institutions in the area of the air pollution control and environmental protection.

    For further details, link to the Cercl'Air Home Page

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    3001 Bern
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