Peter Gehr

portrait Prof. em. Peter Gehr

Institut für Anatomie
Universität Bern
Baltzerstrasse 2
CH-3012 Bern

Phone: +41 (0) 31 631 48 79
Phone2: +41(0) 31 631 84 33
E-mail: gehr(at)
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Phone: +41 (0) 31 631 48 79
Phone2: +41(0) 31 631 84 33
E-mail: gehr(at)
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Additional functions:
Former President of Steering Committee NRP 64, SNSF
Former President of Gen Suisse
Former President of International Society for Aerosols in Medicine
Former Editor of Swiss Medical Weekly (SMW)
Former Member of Clean Air Committee (Eidgenössische Kommission für Lufthygiene (EKL)
Member of Editorial Board of J. Aerosol Sci. Respir. Drug Deliv.
Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

Key Publications of Peter Gehr (up to ten) :
ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER, B.M., S.G. KIAMA, and P. GEHR. A three dimensional cellular model of the human airway barrier with epithelial cells, macrophages and dendritic cells to study the interplay of these cells during particle uptake. Amer. J. Respir. Cell Molec. Biol., 32: 290-300, 2005.
GEISER, M., B.M. ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER N. KAPP, S. SCHÜRCH, W. KREYLING, H. SCHULZ, M. SEMMLER, V. IM HOF, J. HEYDER, and P. GEHR. Ultrafine particles cross cellular membranes by non-phagocytic mechanisms in lungs and in cultured cells. Environ. Health Perspect. 113: 1555-1560, 2005.
MÜHLFELD, C., B. ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER, F. BLANK, D. VANHECKE, M. OCHS, and P. GEHR. Interactions of nanoparticles with pulmonary structures and cellular responses. Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol. (invited review) 294: L817-L829, 2008.
BERNTSEN, P., C.Y. PARK, B. ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER, A. TSUDA, T.M. SAGER, R.M. MOINA, T.C. DONAGHEY, A.M. ALEANCAR, D.I. DASAHARA, T. ERICSSON, E.J. MILLET, D.J. TSCHUMPERLIN, J.P. BUTLER, J.D. BRAIN, J.J. FREDBERG, P. GEHR, E.H.ZHOU. Biomechanical effects of environmental and engineered particulates on human airway smooth muscle cells. J. R. Soc. Interface doi:10.1098/rsif.2010.0068.focus, 2010.
LEHMANN, A.D, W.J. PARAK, F. ZHANG, A. ZULQURNAIN, C. RÖCKER, G.U. NIENHAUS, P. GEHR and B. ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER. Fluorescent-magnetic hybrid nanoparticles induce a dose-dependent increase of the pro-inflammatory response in lung cells in vitro correlated with intracellular localization. Small 6:753-62, 2010.
BLANK, F., P. GERBER, B. ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER, U. SALKULKHU, J. SALAKLANG, K. DE PEYER, P. GEHR, L:P: NICOD, H. HOFMANN, T. GEISER, A. PETRI-FINK AND C. VON GARNIER. Biomedical nanoparicles modulate specific CD4(+) T- cell stimulation by inhibition of antigen processing in dendritic cells. Nanotoxicol. Epub ahead of print, 2011.
GEHR, P. 2018.

GEHR, P., C. MÜHLFELD, B. ROTHEN-RUTISHAUSER and F. BLANK, eds.: Particle-Lung Interactions, invited 2nd ed. Vol. 241, Lung Biology in Health and Disease, exec. ed. C. Lenfant. Informa Healthcare, New York, 2009.
TSUDA, A. and P. GEHR. 2015.
GEHR, P. and R. ZELLNER. 2019.

Specialties of Peter Gehr:
Specialized in particle-lung interaction, particle-cell interaction for fine particles and nanoparticles.
Specialized in structure-function correlation of lungs of mammals.

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