Peter Baccini

Prof. em. Peter Baccini
Honorary member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT)
Feldacher 6
CH-6024 Hildisrieden

Phone: +41 (0) 41 910 54 94
E-mail: peter.baccini(at)
Personal URL: link

Programs in which Peter Baccini holds an official function:
scnathonorary member2008 -

Key Publications of Peter Baccini (up to ten) :
Baccini P., Brunner P.H., Metabolism of the Anthroposphere, MIT Press, 2012
Baccini P., Bader H.-P., Regionaler Stoffhaushalt, Spektrum Akad. Verlag, 1996
Oswald F., Baccini P., Netzstadt - Designing the Urban, Birkhäuser 2003
Hug F., Baccini P., Physiological interactions between highland and lowland regions in the context of long-term resource management (MRDIssue Vol 22/2)2002
Baccini P., Überleben mit Umweltforschung? GAIA 15/1, 2006

Specialties of Peter Baccini:
Antroposphere: Regional material management

Last update: 11/16/22
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