Margreth Keiler

Prof. Margreth Keiler
University of Innsbruck
AT- Innsbruck

E-mail: margreth.keiler(at)
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Key Publications of Margreth Keiler (up to ten) :
Fuchs, Sven; Röthlisberger, Veronika; Thaler, Thomas; Zischg, Andreas Paul; Keiler, Margreth (2017). Natural Hazard Management from a Coevolutionary Perspective: Exposure and Policy Response in the European Alps. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 107(2), pp. 382-392. Taylor & Francis

Röthlisberger, Veronika; Zischg, Andreas Paul; Keiler, Margreth (2017). Identifying spatial clusters of flood exposure to support decision making in risk management. Science of the total environment, 598, pp. 593-603. Elsevier 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.03.216

Papathoma-Köhle, M.; Zischg, Andreas Paul; Fuchs, S.; Glade, T.; Keiler, Margreth (2015). Loss estimation for landslides in mountain areas – An integrated toolbox for vulnerability assessment and damage documentation. Environmental modelling & software, 63, pp. 156-169. Elsevier 10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.10.003

Zimmermann, Markus N.; Keiler, Margreth (2015). International Frameworks for Disaster Risk Reduction: Useful Guidance for Sustainable Mountain Development? Mountain Research and Development, 35(2), pp. 195-202. International Mountain Society 10.1659/mrd-journal-d-15-00006.1

Fuchs, Sven; Keiler, Margreth; Zischg, Andreas Paul (2015). A spatiotemporal multi-hazard exposure assessment based on property data. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 15(9), pp. 2127-2142. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/nhess-15-2127-2015

Keiler, M., Knight, J. & Harrison, S. (2010): Climate change and geomorphological hazards in the Eastern European Alps. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 368: 2461-2479.

Keiler, M. (2011): Geomorphology and complexity – inseparably connected?. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 55, Suppl. 3: 235-259.

Keiler, M.; Sailer, R.; Jörg, P.; Weber, C.; Fuchs, S.; Zischg, A. & S. Sauermoser (2006): Avalanche risk assessment – a multi-temporal approach, results from Galtür, Austria. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 6 (4): 637-651.

Papathoma-Köhle, M.; Zischg, A.; Fuchs, S.; Glade, T. & M. Keiler (2015): Loss estimation for landslides in mountain areas – An integrated toolbox for vulnerability assessment and damage documentation. Environmental Modelling and Software 63: 156-169

Birkmann, J.; Cardona, O.D.; Carreño, L.; Barbat, A.; Pelling, M.; Schneiderbauer, S.; Kienberger, S.; Keiler, M.; Alexander, D.; Zeil, P. & T. Welle (2013): Framing vulnerability, risk and societal responses: the MOVE framework. Natural Hazards 67: 193-211

Expertise of Margreth Keiler:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Scientific / Fundamental Research
Applied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
Process Studies
Causes of Change
Impact of Change
Vulnerability to Change
Topic HydrosphereHydrosphere
Topic Economy/ResourceUseTransport / Mobility
Land Cover / Land Use / Landscape
Topic Risk & Disaster ManagementTopic Risk and Disaster Management
Spatial ZonesMountain / Highland
Spatial ScaleRegional
Local / Community
Time FrameRecent / Today
Statistical FocusVariability
MethodsData Analysis
Applied Research / Technology
Integrated Assessment

Specialties of Margreth Keiler:
Mass movements/Debris flows
Sediment flux
Spatial and temporal trajectories of
alpine geomorphologic systems
Complex system research
Human-environment interactions

Natural Hazard & Risk
Risk Analysis
Vulnerability Assessments
Multi-hazards and risks
Risk evolution
Risk management/governance
Coupled human-landscape systems

Klimawandel + Anpassung:
  • lang- und kurzfirstige Auswirkung des Klimawandels auf Naturgefahrenprozesse und Risiken

  • Komplexe Systeme und Wechselwirkungen in Bezug auf Geosystem und Gesellschaftssystem

  • Risikoentwicklungpfade (Vergangenheit - heute - Zukunft)

  • Entwicklung verbesserter Methoden für Szenarienanlaysen

  • Anpassung Risikomanagement

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