David Maradan

Dr. David Maradan
Directeur - administrateur
5, Chemin de la Faucille
CH-1290 Chavannes-des-Bois

Phone: +41 (0) 22 342 52 09
Fax: +41 (0) 22 342 52 08
E-mail: maradan(at)ecosys.com

Key Publications of David Maradan (up to ten) :
On scope effects in contingent valuation: does the Assumed Statistical Distribution of WTP matter? Ecological Economics, 2017, with Borzykowski, N., Baranzini, A.
A travel cost assessment of the demand for recreation in Swiss forests. Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, 2017, with Borzykowski, N., Baranzini, A.
Y a-t-il assez de réserves forestières en Suisse ? Une évaluation contingente. Economie rurale, 359, 2017, with Borzykowski, N., Baranzini, A.
Value for money in H1N1 influenza: A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of pandemic interventions. Value in Health, Volume 20, Issue 6, 819–827 with H. Pasquini-Descombes and N. Brender
La forêt vue par les Genevois : perceptions et valeurs économiques de la forêt. Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen, 166 :306 313, 2016, with Borzykowski, N., Baranzini, A.
Chapter 8: Regulating the emissions from cement industry, in Economic Incentives and Environmental Regulation in Selected Countries in the MENA Region, Economic Research Forum, 2013
Marginal Costs of Carbon Dioxide Abatement: Empirical Evidence from Cross-Country Analysis, 2005, Revue suisse d’économie et de statistique, III-4 avec A.Vassiliev

Expertise of David Maradan:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Research Interface / Management
ScopeImpact of Change
Adaptation Measures to Change
Mitigation of Change
Topic Integrated SystemsEconomic Cycle
Topic Economy/ResourceUseAgriculture, Forestry and Fishery
Food Security
Transport / Mobility
Mineral Resources
Land Cover / Land Use / Landscape
Topic TechnologyRecycling
Topic Politics/LawMitigation / Prevention / Emission Reductions
Conventions / Protections
Topic SocietyPopulation Dynamics / Migration / Urbanisation
Organisations / Institutions
Perception / Behaviour / Attitudes
Education / Communication / Participation
Topic SustainabilityEcological Sustainability
Social Sustainability
Economic Sustainability
Topic Risk & Disaster ManagementRehabilitation / Reconstruction
Spatial ScaleGlobal / Hemispheric
National / Cultural
Local / Community
Time FrameRecent / Today
Statistical FocusMean Change / Trends
MethodsData Collection - Interviews, Questionnaires
Data Analysis
Literature Study
Policy Analysis and Formation
Integrated Assessment
Collaboration with developing and transition countries ; Capacity Building
Program Coordination / Management

Specialties of David Maradan:
  • Analyse économique des coûts des dommages résultant des changements climatiques

  • Analyse économique des coûts de l'atténuation et de l'adaptation aux CC

  • Formulation de plan d'actions d'adaptation dans les PVD ou pays en transition économique

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    Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2022)

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