Daniel Schaub

portrait Dr. Daniel Schaub
Pädagogisch-Technischer Leiter

Startbahn 29
Innovationspark Zürich
Wangenstrasse 70
CH-8600 Dübendorf

E-mail: info(at)danielschaub.ch
Personal URL: link
E-mail: info(at)danielschaub.ch
Personal URL: link

Key Publications of Daniel Schaub (up to ten) :
Schaub, D., Brunner, D., Boersma, K. F., Keller, J., Folini, D., Buchmann, B., Berresheim, H., and Staehelin, J., SCIAMACHY tropospheric NO2 Switzerland: estimates of NOx lifetimes and impact of the complex Alpine topography on the retrieval, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7, 5971-5987, 2007.

Schaub, D., Boersma, K. F., Kaiser, J. W., Weiss, A. K., Eskes, H. J., and Buchmann, B., Comparison of GOME tropospheric NO2 columns with NO2 profiles deduced from ground-based in situ measurements, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 6, 3211-3229, 2006.

Schaub, D., Weiss, A. K., Kaiser, J. W., Petritoli, A., Richter, A., Buchmann, B., and Burrows, J. P., A transboundary transport episode of nitrogen dioxide as observed from GOME and its impact in the Alpine region, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 5, 23-37, 2005.

Collaud Coen, M., Weingartner, E., Schaub, D., Hueglin, C., Corrigan, C., Henning, S., Schwikowski, M., and Baltensperger, U., Saharan dust events at the Jungfraujoch: detection by wavelength dependence of the single scattering albedo and first climatology analysis, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 4, 2465-2480, 2004.

Reimann, S., Schaub, D., Stemmler, K., Folini, D., Hill, M., Hofer, P., and Buchmann, B., Halogenated greenhouse gases at the Swiss High Alpine Site of Jungfraujoch (3580 m asl): Continuous measurements and their use for regional European source allocation, Journal of Geophysical Research, 109, D05307, 2004.

Specialties of Daniel Schaub:
ETH Diploma Thesis Award
Winner of a Swiss Global Change Day Poster Award 2003 (WCRP)
ACP Award 2007 for outstanding contributions to the atmospheric sciences

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