Climate and Cryosphere
Klima und Cryosphäre

Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: WCRP.WCP, .ICSU, .IOC
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2000 to present
Contact Address: no office contact defined

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General information and objectives

Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) investigating the role of the entire cryosphere in global climate. CliC grew out of the Arctic Climate System Study (ACSYS), a regional project studying climate of the Arctic region including its atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, and hydrological regime.

CliC addresses important cold region processes globaly. It covers the entire cryosphere, including snow cover, sea-, lake- and river- ice, glaciers, ice sheets, ice caps and ice shelves, and frozen ground such as permafrost. The project aims are to:

  • Assess and quantify the impacts of climatic variability and change on components of the cryosphere and their consequences for the climate system.
  • Improve understanding of the physical processes through which the cryosphere interacts within the climate system.
  • Improve the representation of cryospheric processes in climate models.
  • Enhance the observation and monitoring of the cryosphere.

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