International Energy Foundation
Type of Structure: network / framework activity
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: NGO
Child Organisations:
Duration : 0 to present
Contact Address: no office contact defined

General information and objectives

Non-profit group of scientists, researchers, engineers and others from around the world working together. The mission is to facilitate the transfer of research and technology in all areas of energy with special emphasis on developing countries. The group is interested in better ways to produce, transmit and conserve energy with respect to the technical, economic and human dimensional elements including global climate change.


  • To act as a non-profit organisation fostering world education and scientific research.

  • Promote communication among people interested in energy consumption, production, exploration, conservation, global climatic change, standards and learning.

  • Disseminate knowledge in energy consumption, production, conservation and global climatic change, through symposia, publications and other electronic and print media.

  • Promote and coordinate research and education in energy consumption, production, conservation and global climatic change.

  • To assist national and international associations and organizations in the promotion of energy conservation measures related to consumption, production and distribution.

  • To advance the scientific aims and purposes of the various divisions, chapters, and affiliated institutes of the Foundation to the extent that such aims and purposes are consistent with these objectives.

  • To provide scholarships for the education of students in fields of interest consistent with these objective.

  • To promote forums for discussion, dissemination and generation of information to increase capacity, capability, efficiency and effectiveness of education, research, consultancy, industrial, and training institutes operating in the field of energy conversion, conservation, environment and management, and to help nations to attain energy self-reliance.

  • To administer awards for the purpose of recognition and encouragement of outstanding achievement in areas of study consistent with these objectives.

  • To do everything and anything reasonably or lawfully necessary, proper and advisable for the attainment or the furtherance of any or all the above objectives of the Foundation.

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    Last update: 11/13/06
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