International Emissions Trading Association
Internationale Vereinigung für den Emissionshandel

Type of Structure: society / association
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations:
Child Organisations:
Duration : 1999 to present
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General information and objectives

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is a non-profit organization created in June 1999 to establish a functional international framework for trading greenhouse gas emission reductions. Our membership includes leading international companies from across the carbon trading cycle. IETA members seek to develop an emissions trading regime that results in real and verifiable greenhouse gas emission reductions while balancing economic efficiency with environmental integrity and social equity.

IETA is dedicated to:
• the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and ultimately climate protection
• the establishment of effective market-based trading systems for greenhouse gas emissions by businesses that are demonstrably fair, open, efficient, accountable and consistent across national boundaries; and
• maintaining societal equity and environmental integrity while establishing these systems.

IETA will work for:
• the development of an active, global greenhouse gas market, consistent across national boundaries and involving all three flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol: the Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation and emissions trading,
• the creation of systems and instruments that will ensure effective business participation.

• promote an integrated view of the emissions trading system as a solution to Climate Change
• participate in the design and implementation of national and international rules and guidelines; and
• provide the most up-to-date and credible source of information on emissions trading and greenhouse gas market activity.

For further details, link to the IETA Home Page

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