Integrated Risk Governance Project
Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: FutureEarth,
Child Organisations:
Duration : 0 to present
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General information and objectives

Rapid economic development in the world, especially in countries with emerging markets and large populations; the exponential increase of computer and Internet users; innovations in multi-media and telecommunication technologies; findings in genetic and nano – technologies – these among numerous other examples illustrate the emergence of human societies into a new age. Along with the benefits of this emergence, however, come certain costs, such as how the impacts of man-made and natural disasters, which in previous ages were confined to one country or region, are now, through the globalization of economic processes and the reach of mass media outlets, amplified, influencing every corner of the world. Recent research indicates that the frequency, intensity and impacts of natural weather hazards are strengthening, a portentous change that should worry individuals in all societies.

It is now well understood by the risk research community that mechanisms, policies, and laws for hazard prevention, response and reconstruction, on the one hand, differ for different cultures, and human societies, on the other hand, for their own evolutionary needs, must all develop secure social and natural environments, which should be a primary and universally recognized responsibility of all governments.
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