NCCS: National Centre for Climate Services
NCCS: Nationales Netzwerk für Klimadienstleistungen
NCCS: le réseau national dédié aux services climatologiques
Type of Structure: network / framework activity
Regional Scope: national in the area: Switzerland / Europe
Parent Organisations: MeteoSchweiz, BAFU, BABS, BLW, ETHZ, WSL
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2015 to present
Contact Address: no office contact defined

General information and objectives

The NCCS coordinates the development and propagation of scientific information and data on the climate of the past, present and future, as well as its consequences. Acting as an interface between producers and users, the NCCS encourages dialogue and fosters the collaborative development of climate services. In this way the Centre ensures that its work is focused on the needs of the users. Moreover, the NCCS provides its climate services in a user-friendly format.

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Last update: 11/16/15
Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2019)

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