Holzhauser Hanspeter

Holocene Glacier Fluctuations in the Valaisian Alps

Project Number: CH-2488
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 04/17/2000 - 03/17/2009 project completed
Funding Source: other ,
Project Leader: Dr. Hanspeter Holzhauser
research associate, retired
Ahornstrasse 38
8051 Zürich
Phone: +41 (0)44 322 99 53
e-Mail: h.holzhauser(at)bluewin.ch

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environmental sciences
hydrology, limnology, glaciology
climatology, atmospheric physics, aeronomy

Holocene glacier fluctuations, Dendrochronology, Palaeoclimatology

The reconstruction of holocene glacier fluctuations are achieved using several methods. Written and pictorial historical records such as drawings, paintings, engravings and photographs are interpreted. The radiocarbondating of fossil soils and wood from glacier forefields indicate glacier advance and retreat periods. The dendrochronological analysis of some of these fossil woods give absolute dates if they fit within known absolute dated tree-ring chronologies. These investigations are necessary to find the range of glacier fluctuations during the last 10,000 years - the maximum and minimum extensions during holocene advance and retreat periods. Furthermore, this investigation also shows how far the modern accelerated retreat period of the alpine glaciers is unusual as compared to earlier retreat periods. A further aim of the dendrochronological analysis of larch and alpine stone pine trees found at the alpine timberline is to establish long tree-ring width chronologies as a base for dating fossil wood found in glacier forefields. These tree-ring records will also be used to reconstruct the mean June/July temperatures at high altitudes in the Swiss Alps.

Holzhauser, H. (1997): Fluctuations of the Grosser Aletsch Glacier and the Gorner Glacier during the last 3200 years: new results. In: Frenzel, B. (ed.): Glacier fluctuations during the Holocene. Paläoklimaforschung/Palaeoclimate Research, 24. 35-58.
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Holzhauser, H. and Zumbühl, H.J. (1996): To the history of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier during the last 2800 years - palaeosols, fossil wood and historical pictorial records - new results. Z. Geomorph. N.F., 104, 95-127.
pdf Abstract

HOLZHAUSER, Hanspeter, MAGNY, Michel, ZUMBÜHL, Heinz Jürg, 2005: Glacier and lake-level variations in west-central Europe over the last 3500 years. The Holocene , Vol. 15, Nr. 6: 789-801. Esward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd.
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Holzhauser, Hanspeter (2020): The Aletsch Region with the Majestic Grosser Aletschgletscher. In: Landscapes and Landforms of Switzerland (2020), Springer, pp 201–216.
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