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of the Country (CH)

Abbr. Name Parent organisation
a+ Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
a+Energy-Commission Energy-Commision ProClim
a+Ressourcen a+ Steering Committee Ressourcen a+, PF-Geosciences
ACP Commission for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics PF-Geosciences
AEE Agency for renewable energy and energy efficiency energieschweiz
AEFU Ärztinnen und Ärzte für den Umweltschutz ISDE
AFG-SFIG Working Group of Geology and Natural Hazards
BAFU_Naturgefahren BAFU_Adaptation
BAFU_Ökosysteme BAFU_Adaptation
BAFU_Stadtentwicklung BAFU_Adaptation
BAFU_Wasserknappheit BAFU_Adaptation
BAFU_Wissenstransfer BAFU_Adaptation
BEW/EP BEW-Working Group Energy Perspectives BEW.EVED
C2SM Center for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM) ETH Zürich, MeteoSwiss, EMPA, ART
CCES Competence Center Environment and Sustainability (CCES) ETH Zürich
CCHydro Climate Change and Hydrology BAFU
Cercl'Air Cercl'Air
CEST Center for Science & Technology Studies SWTR. governmental
CHy Swiss Hydrological Commission PF-Geosciences
CLENCH Climate & Environmental Change (CLENCH) CCES
ClimateCentFound Climate Cent Foundation
CORE Federal Energy Research Commission swiss confederation
CPS Commission for phenology and seasonality PF-Geosciences
CRUS Rector's Conference of the Swiss Universities
EconomieSuisse EconomieSuisse NGO
EK-Kryo Expertenkommission Kryosphärenmessnetze PF-Geosciences
EnAW Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft private sector
equiterre equiterre - Partnerin für Nachhaltige Entwicklung NGO
ESC Energy Science Center ETH Zürich
Euresearch Euresearch - Swiss Information Network for EU Research Programmes BBW
FEH Food, Environment & Health (FEH) CCES
FOK-SNP Scientific Board of the Swiss National Park PF-SAP
FORS Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences SNF
Forum-Genforschung Forum Genetic Research PF-SAP
Forum-Landschaft Forum Landscape BAFU
Future network future ngo
Greenpeace-CH Greenpeace Switzerland NGO
HazRi Natural Hazards & Risks (NatuRe) CCES
ICAS Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies PF-SAP, SAGW
IGBP-Swiss-Comm IGBP/SCOPE Swiss Committee PF-Geosciences, IGBP
IHDP-Switzerland Swiss IHDP Contact Point ProClim.SAGW
IKUB Interdepartemental Office for the Coordination of Environmental Observation governmental
Intercooporation Swiss Foundation for Development and international Cooperation NGO
Jungfraujoch-Kommission PF-MAP.SCNAT
KFH Rector's Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences
KFPE Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries PF-SAP, a+
Klik Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset Klik Swiss Petroleum Association
KNE-SAGW Commission for sustainable developement of the SAGW SAGW
KOL Swiss Commission for Oceanography and Limnology PF-Geosciences
KRG-Bern Naturforschende Gesellschaft Bern PF-NWR
KRG-Fribourg Freiburger naturforschende Gesellschaft PF-NWR
MAB-Schweiz Swiss National MAB Committee UNESCO
MGU Program Man-Society-Environment Kanton Basel-Landschaft, Universität Basel
NatuRe Natural Resources (NatuRe) CCES
NCCS NCCS: National Centre for Climate Services MeteoSchweiz, BAFU, BABS, BLW, ETHZ, WSL
novatlantis ETH Rat, EAWAG, EMPA, PSI, WSL, ETHZ, EPFL
NWB Mountain Water Network Kantone
ÖBU Swiss Association for Environmentally Conscious Management NGO
OcCC Advisory Body on Climate Change UVEK
Oeschger-Centre Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR) University of Bern
ParlGr-Cleantech Parlamentary Group Cleantech CHParliament
ParlGr-ClimateChange Parliamentary Group "Climate Change" CHParliament
ParlGr-ePower CHParliament
ParlGr-JagdBiodiversität CHParliament
ParlGr-LandwirtschaftlicherKlub CHParliament
ParlGr-Langsamverkehr CHParliament
ParlGr-nachhaltigesWirtschaften CHParliament
ParlGr-PeakOil CHParliament
ParlGr-Raumentwicklung CHParliament
ParlGr-TourismusVerkehr CHParliament
ParlGr-WaldHolz CHParliament
PF-Biology Platform Biology scnat
PF-Chemistry Platform Chemistry scnat
PF-Geosciences Platform Geosciences SCNAT
PF-MAP Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics (MAP) scnat
PF-NWR Plattform natural sciences and regions (NWR) scnat
PF-SAP Platform Science and Policy scnat
PLANAT Plate-forme nationale 'dangers naturels' BAFU
ProClim- ProClim- Forum for Climate and Global Change PF-SAP
ProNatura Pro Natura NGO
SAGUF Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology PF-Geosciences, SAGW
SAGW Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences a+
SAMW Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences a+
SANW renamed to scnat
SASEG Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists
SATW Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences a+
Science-et-Cité Science and society a+
SCNAT Swiss Academy of Sciences a+
SCOB Swiss Biological Commission PF-Biology
SES Schweizerische Energie-Stiftung NGO
SGC Swiss Geodetic Commission PF-Geosciences
SGH Swiss Hydrogeological Society PF-Geosciences
SGHL Swiss Hydrological and Lymnological Society PF-Geosciences
SGK Swiss Geological Commission PF-Geosciences
SGM Swiss Meteorological Society PF-Geosciences
SGmG Swiss Geomorphological Society PF-Geosciences
SGPK Swiss Geophysical Commission PF-Geosciences
SHK governmental
SKF Swiss Commission for Remote Sensing PF-Geosciences
SKP Swiss Committee on Polar Research PF-SAP, a+, IASC, SCAR
SNF Swiss National Science Foundation
SPS Swiss Physical Society SCNAT
SSES Swiss Solar Energy Society NGO
SUK Swiss University Conference federal government
SuLU Sustainable Land Use (SuLU) CCES
Swiss-AIJ Swiss Activities Implemented Jointly Pilot Program seco, DEZA, BUWAL, BEW
Swiss-Biodiversity-Forum Swiss Biodiversity Forum PF-SAP
swisscleantech swisscleantech NGO, FFGS
SwissCore Swiss Contact Office for Research and Higher Education SNF, BBW, KBF
SWTR Swiss Science and Technology Council governmental
TA-SWISS Center for Technology Assessment a+
td-net Transdisciplinarity Net PF-SAP, a+
TP-Energie SATW
UNESCO-NC Swiss National Commission for UNESCO UNESCO.NC
VSE Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen industry
WWF-CH WWF Switzerland NGO

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