International Geological Correlation Programme

Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: UNESCO, IUGS
Child Organisations: IGCP-Swiss-Comm
Duration : 1972 to present
Contact Address: no office contact defined

General information and objectives

The IGCP began in 1972 as a joint program of UNESCO and the IUGS to obtain answers to interrelated geological problems through international cooperation. Specifically, the broad objectives of the program are (IGCP, 1994): (i) to increase our understanding of the factors controlling the global environment in order to improve human living conditions; (ii) to develop more effective ways to find and assess natural resources of energy and minerals; (iii) to increase knowledge of geological processes and geological concepts through correlative studies of many locations around the globe; (iv) to improve standards of research and research methods and techniques of conducting research.

Topics of interest include the improved prospecting and management of resources and materials, storage of water, conservation and remediation of soils, development of geothermal energy, geotechnical problems associated with large engineering projects and urban development, mitigation of natural disaster impacts, impact of the use of geologica materials on health;

II Continued support for projects involving basic geosciences, in particular projects invoving new scientific developments and ideas and wide geographic and multidisciplinary participation;

III Projects that show increased participation of institutions

IV Increase awareness of the general public and decision-makers of the results of problems revealed by geological research related to sustainable development;

V Promote programs that enchance the interaction of scientists in academia with scientists in government, NGOs and industry.

Last update: 4/27/22
Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2022)

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