Joint Global Ocean Flux Study



Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: IGBP.ICSU
Child Organisations:
Duration : 0 to 2003 COMPLETED
Contact Address: no office contact defined

holding an official function in JGOFS

General information and objectives

• Determine and understand, on a global scale, the processes controlling the time-varying fluxes of carbon and associated biogenic elements in the ocean, and to evaluate the related exchanges with the atmosphere, sea floor and continental boundaries

• Develop a capacity to predict on a global scale the response of oceanic biogeochemical processes to anthropogenic perturbations, in particular those related to climate change.

In the JGOFS Implementation Plan (1992), these objectives were re-stated as an operational goal, toward which JGOFS will address its research in the 5 year period, 1994 - 1998:

• Asses more accurately, and understand better the processes controlling regional to global and seasonal to interannual fluxes of carbon between the atmosphere, surface ocean and ocean interior, and their sensitivity to climate changes.

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