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Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (TObeWELL)

Type of Structure: coordinated project
Regional Scope: continental in the area: Europe
Parent Organisations: COST
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2012 to 2016 COMPLETED
Contact Address: no office contact defined

General information and objectives

This project is based on bringing together principles of ecosystem services (ES), which focus on life support systems, with more non-material services such as culture, health and wellbeing through tourism. It aims to link research on wellbeing provided by ecosystems and their use via tourism, leisure and recreation activities. The underpinning issue of this proposal is to produce new and collaborative research on how and in what way can tourism be a catalyst for improving human health and wellbeing, by using in a symbiotic and sustainable way natural resources and services provided by ecosystems, as well as exploring the challenges of (e)valuation of such services. This will be achieved by creating a collaborative European network of research centres based around four key working groups, namely (a) theoretical relationships between tourism, wellbeing and ES ; (b) empirical and methodological research challenges and approaches; (c) interrelations between ageing, wellbeing and ES; and (d) policy frameworks’ analysis and research-informed policy making.

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