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International Assoc. of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
Type of Structure: society / association
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: IUGG
Child Organisations: ICACGP
Duration : 1922 to present
Contact Address: no office contact defined

holding an official function in IAMAS

General information and objectives

IAMAS promotes research in all atmospheric sciences, especially programmes requiring international co-operation. IAMAS leads the Alliance for Capacity Transfer (ACT) - a joint activity of IUGG, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and the U.S. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). IAMAS is composed of 10 International Commissions on the following topics:
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (ICACGP)
  • Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE)
  • Climate (ICCL)
  • Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP)
  • Dynamic Meteorology (ICDM)
  • Meteorology of the Middle Atmosphere (ICMMA)
  • Planetary Atmospheres and their Evolution (ICPAE)
  • Polar Meteorology (ICPM)
  • Ozone (IOC)
  • Radiation (IRC)

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