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National (CH)

Abbr. Name Parent organisation
a+Ressourcen a+ Steering Committee Ressourcen a+, PF-Geosciences
ADG-CH Swiss Association for Geographic Education (AGE-CH)
AFG-SFIG Working Group of Geology and Natural Hazards
ASG Association of Swiss Geography PF-Geosciences
BGS Swiss Society of Soil PF-Geosciences
CHGEOL Swiss Association of Geologists SIA
CHy Swiss Hydrological Commission PF-Geosciences
CPS Commission for phenology and seasonality PF-Geosciences
EK-Kryo Expertenkommission Kryosphärenmessnetze PF-Geosciences
EnAW Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft private sector
Erlebnis-Geologie Géologie Vivante CHGEOL , PF-Geosciences
FOK-SNP Scientific Board of the Swiss National Park PF-SAP
FreundeBergbauGR Association of the Friends of Mining in Grisons
FSKB Association of Swiss Grit and Concrete Industries
GEOTHERMIE_CH Swiss Society for Geothermal Energy
GTK Swiss Geotechnical Commission PF-Geosciences
ICAS Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies PF-SAP, SAGW
IGBP-Swiss-Comm IGBP/SCOPE Swiss Committee PF-Geosciences, IGBP
ISSKA Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies SSS
KOL Swiss Commission for Oceanography and Limnology PF-Geosciences
MGU Program Man-Society-Environment Kanton Basel-Landschaft, Universität Basel
NC-ISC National Committee of the International Seismological Centre PF-Geosciences
NC-IUGG National Committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics PF-Geosciences
NC-IUGS National committee of International Union of Geological Sciences IUGS
NF Naturfreunde Schweiz org
NVS Swiss Association of Natural Stone
PF-Geosciences Platform Geosciences SCNAT
PF-NWR Plattform natural sciences and regions (NWR) scnat
PF-SAP Platform Science and Policy scnat
PLANAT Plate-forme nationale 'dangers naturels' BAFU
ProClim- ProClim- Forum for Climate and Global Change PF-SAP
SAB Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Berggebiete
SAC Swiss Alpine Club NGO
SAGUF Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology PF-Geosciences, SAGW
SASEG Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists
SASTE Swiss Working Group for Stones and Ground Connections
SCNAT Swiss Academy of Sciences a+
SCOPE-Switzerland SCOPE Swiss Representative PF-Geosciences, SCOPE
SFIG Swiss Section of Engineering Geology
SFS Swiss Forestry Society PF-Geosciences
SGAG Swiss Society for Applied Geography PF-Geosciences
SGC Swiss Geodetic Commission PF-Geosciences
SGEB Swiss Society for Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
SGFG Swiss Society for the Mechanics of Soils and Rocks
SGH Swiss Hydrogeological Society PF-Geosciences
SGHB Swiss Society for the History of Mining
SGHL Swiss Hydrological and Lymnological Society PF-Geosciences
SGK Swiss Geological Commission PF-Geosciences
SGM Swiss Meteorological Society PF-Geosciences
SGmG Swiss Geomorphological Society PF-Geosciences
SGMs Swiss Geoscience Meetings PF-Geosciences
SGPK Swiss Geophysical Commission PF-Geosciences
SGS Swiss Geological Society PF-Geosciences
SGTK Swiss Geotechnical Commission PF-Geosciences
SKF Swiss Commission for Remote Sensing PF-Geosciences
SPG Swiss Paleontological Society PF-Geosciences
SSC Swiss Commission for Scientific Speleology PF-Geosciences
SSMP Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology PF-Geosciences
SSS Swiss Society of Speleology
SVSMF Swiss Association of Mineral and Fossil Collectors
Swiss-Biodiversity-Forum Swiss Biodiversity Forum PF-SAP
SwissSed Swiss Group of Sedimentologists SGS
SwissTect Swiss Tectonic Studies Group SGS
SWTR Swiss Science and Technology Council governmental
td-net Transdisciplinarity Net PF-SAP, a+
UNESCO-NC Swiss National Commission for UNESCO UNESCO.NC
VSP Swiss Association of Petroleum Geologist and Engineers
WWF-CH WWF Switzerland NGO

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