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Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
Universität Bern
Uni Mittelstrasse
Mittelstrasse 43
CH-3012 Bern

Phone2: +41 (0) 31 631 88 22
E-mail: peter.messerli(at)
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Personal URL: link
Phone2: +41 (0) 31 631 88 22
E-mail: peter.messerli(at)
URL Institution:
Personal URL: link

Programs in which Peter Messerli holds an official function:
GLPco-chair2016 -
ProClim-Advisory Committee2015 -

Key Publications of Peter Messerli (up to ten) :
Messerli P, Bader C, Hett C, Epprecht M, Heinimann A. 2015. Towards a Spatial Understanding of Trade-Offs in Sustainable Development: A Meso-Scale Analysis of the Nexus between Land Use, Poverty, and Environment in the Lao PDR. Webb E, editor. PLOS ONE 10:e0133418.

Messerli P, Giger M, Dwyer MB, Breu T, Eckert S. 2014. The geography of large-scale land acquisitions: Analysing socio-ecological patterns of target contexts in the global South. Applied Geography 53:449–459

Messerli P, Heinimann A, Giger M, Breu T, Schönweger O. 2013. From “land grabbing” to sustainable investments in land: potential contributions by land change science. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.

Van Vliet N, Mertz O, Heinimann A, Langanke T, Pascual U, Schmook B, Adams C, Schmidt-Vogt D, Messerli P, Leisz S, et al. 2012. Trends, drivers and impacts of changes in swidden cultivation in tropical forest-agriculture frontiers: A global assessment. Global Environmental Change.

Messerli P, Heinimann A, Epprecht M. 2009. Finding Homogeneity in Heterogeneity – a New Approach to Quantifying Landscape Mosaics Developed for the Lao PDR. Human Ecology, 37(3).

Messerli P, Heinimann A, Epprecht M, Phonesaly S, Thiraka C, Minot N, editors. 2008. Socio-Economic Atlas of the Lao PDR – an Analysis Based on the 2005 Population and Housing Census. Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South ed. Bern and Vientiane: Geographica Bernensis.

Messerli P. 2004: Alternatives à la culture sur brûlis sur la Falaise Est de Madagascar: Stratégies en vue d'une gestion plus durable des terres. African Studies Series A17, Geographica Bernensia, Berne, pp. 348

Expertise of Peter Messerli:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Applied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
ScopeCauses of Change
Impact of Change
Vulnerability to Change
Adaptation Measures to Change
Topic PedosphereSoil Degradation / Erosion / Desertification
Topic BiosphereBiodiversity
Topic EcosystemsTerrestrial Ecosystems
Topic Economy/ResourceUseAgriculture, Forestry and Fishery
Food Security
Trade / Globalisation
Land Cover / Land Use / Landscape
Topic Politics/LawMitigation / Prevention / Emission Reductions
Regionalization / Globalization
Topic SocietyEmployment / Social Security / Poverty
Perception / Behaviour / Attitudes
Topic SustainabilityEcological Sustainability
Social Sustainability
Spatial ZonesMountain / Highland
Spatial ScaleGlobal / Hemispheric
National / Cultural
Local / Community
Time FramePast
Recent / Today
MethodsData Collection - Interviews, Questionnaires
Data Analysis
Policy Analysis and Formation
Applied Research / Technology
Integrated Assessment
Collaboration with developing and transition countries ; Capacity Building
Program Coordination / Management

Specialties of Peter Messerli:
Sustainability of socio-ecological systems; Contextuality of sustainable development; Ecosystem Goods and Services; Land Use and Land Cover Changes; Multi-level Multi-Stakeholder Analysis; Shifting cultivation and transformations under global change; Agroforestry; Upland Rice cultivation; Rural livelihood strategies;

Last update: 4/5/19
Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2019)

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