NCCR Trade Regulation - from Fragmented to Coherent Trade Regulation
Rahmenbedingungen des Internationalen Handels: Von fragmentiert zu kohärent
Les conditions cadres du commerce internat.: de la fragmentation à la cohérence

Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: national in the area: Switzerland / Europe
Parent Organisations: NCCR.NSF
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2005 to 2017 COMPLETED
Contact Address: Dr. Susan Brown
16, avenue Ernest Pictet
1203 Genève

e-Mail: sbrown(at)

holding an official function in NCCR-Trade-Regulation

General information and objectives

The focus of this NCCR, "International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation To Coherence”, stems mainly from the observation that under the GATT, and still today under the WTO, international trade regulation has been undertaken as a specialised field of international law and economic policy. However, current and future WTO rules increasingly impinge upon other areas of law, such as environmental protection, welfare, regional policies, labour standards, human rights, finance, investment, education and culture. All these areas tend to be addressed by distinct instruments targeting different subject matters, and are insufficiently interlinked. The resulting tensions are difficult to overcome under the current system of international and national law and policies. The project attempts to pursue answers to these questions through 12 separate but closely linked research projects. The NCCR employs a large number of doctoral and post-doctoral students and organ-ises a series of seminars and educational events, with the aim to create a whole generation of specialists in the field of international trade regulation and to maximise the transfer of acquired knowledge to society at large.
Integrated Projects:
IP1 Constitutionalism and Multilayered Governance
IP2 Decision-making in the WTO and Other International Organizations
IP3 Regionalism; Special and Differential Treatment; and Variable Geometry
IP4 Human Rights and Trade
IP5 Sustainable Agriculture within WTO Law and Policy
IP6 Energy
IP7 eDiversity The Legal Protection of Cultural Diversity in a Digital Networked Environment
IP8 Developing Trade Rules for Services
IP9 Biotechnology
IP10 Finance
IP11 Investment
IP12 Primary Commodities and Exchange Rate Regimes

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