Swiss University Conference
Schweizerische Universitätskonferenz
Conférence universitaire suisse
Type of Structure: committee / commission
Regional Scope: national in the area: Switzerland / Europe
Parent Organisations: federal government
Child Organisations:
Duration : 1999 to present
Contact Address: Sekretariat
Schweizerische Universitätskonferenz (SUK)
P.O. Box 576
3000 Bern 9
Phone: +41 (0) 31 306 60 60
FAX: +41 (0) 31 306 60 70

General information and objectives

The SUK has the power to enforce a number of decisions in defined areas and has the following tasks:
  • Issuing directives on the length of studies and recognition of previous studies and qualifications binding on the partners to the agreement;
  • Awards project-specific grants;
  • Periodical assessment of how National Centers of Competence in Research are allotted with respect to distribution of tasks among universities throughout Switzerland;
  • Recognition of academic bodies and courses;
  • Issuing directives on evaluation of teaching and research;
  • Issuing directives on knowledge transfer in research.
Further, the SUK makes recommendations on cooperation, on plans for the future and on balanced division of tasks within the universities; it informs parties affected by current projects and consults them. The SUK consists of the ministers of public education of the cantons with universities, two representatives of cantons without a university, the Secretary of State for Education and Research and the President of the ETH Board.

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Last update: 10/13/10
Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2019)

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Haus der Akademien
Laupenstrasse 7
3001 Bern
+41 (0) 31 306 93 50

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