Towards the definition of a measurable environmentally sustainable transp. (EST)

Type of Structure: coordinated project
Regional Scope: continental in the area: Europe
Parent Organisations: COST
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2006 to present
Contact Address: PD Dr. Eva M. Klaper

e-Mail: evaklaper(at)

holding an official function in COST356

General information and objectives

Most of the present strategic environmental assessments do not properly take into account the variety of the environmental impacts, or are using markers, indices and more generally tools which do not represent the impacts. A correct representation of the whole range of impacts is necessary to ensure that sustainability takes into account environmental issues to a satisfactory degree. This is especially important for the transport sector where the concerns and the stakes are high.

The main objective of the Action is to design harmonised methods to build better environmental indicators by using existing European indices, and to build methods to be applied to the decision making process of the transport sector in the different European countries, in order to contribute to a systemic approach to environmental and transportation issues.

Besides and beyond the COST 350 activity, which is more focussed on the user's point of view, this Action deals with the scientific analysis and design of tools for environmental impact assessment, focussing on the representativeness of the methods, either for evaluating sub-impacts such as health impacts, or for aggregating by a multi-criteria analysis, the different sub-impact indices. The final users should be mainly forecasting (or back-casting) analysts of the impact of the transport system and transport planners.

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