European Exp. on Transport and Transformation of Trace Gases in the Troposphere
Europ. Experiment Transport und Transformation von Spurengasen in d. Troposphäre
Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: continental in the area: Europe
Parent Organisations: EUREKA
Child Organisations: BIATEX, GENEMIS, LOOP, TOR
Duration : 1987 to present
Contact Address: no office contact defined

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General information and objectives

EUROTRAC was set up within the framework of the EUREKA program in 1987 and ended in1995.
It is continued as EUROTRAC II.

The proposed project, EUROTRAC-2, will contribute directly to the further development of strategies for reducing the anthropogenic contribution to the abundance of photo-oxidants and acidic substances over Europe, by improving the quantitative understanding of the factors determining the formation, transport, chemical transformation, deposition and impact of photo-oxidants and acidic substances in the troposphere. It will thus assist in alleviating the growing environmental problems which stem from these species.

EUROTRAC-2 will provide an integrated scientific evaluation of photo-oxidants and acidifying substances in the troposphere over Europe. Within the project advanced techniques linking numerical atmospheric models and observational data will be developed and used to provide an unprecedented capability for understanding the complex interactions between the sources, the concentrations and deposition of trace substances appropriate to environmental impact. The measurements and modelling will cover Europe as a whole but additional attention will be paid to eastern and southern Europe, including Russia, which for geographical, meteorological and social reasons, offer particular environmental and scientific challenges at the present time. The project will then cover the whole cycle of atmospheric pollution within a European context from emission to deposition and so establish the required source-receptor relationships.

The results obtained in EUROTRAC-2 will provide a common scientific understanding upon which effective environmental abatement and control strategies in Europe can be based. The proposed project will build upon the strengths of the first phase of EUROTRAC, harnessing the research resources of the participating European countries to create viable active research groups to address inter-disciplinary and international trans-boundary problems.

The project, like its predecessor, will be within the EUREKA initiative. It is also intended that it should be closely linked with other ongoing European air-quality activities, such as EMEP, the EEA topic centre for air quality, the EC (DG-XI) group on the ozone directive and the atmospheric chemistry environmental program of the EC (DG-XII). It is further expected that the project will be integrated with the appropriate IGBP/IGAC activities.

For further details, link to the EUROTRAC Home Page

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