Hydrology and Water Resources Programme

Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: WMO.UN
Child Organisations: WHYCOS
Duration : 0 to present
Contact Address: Dr. Arthur Askew

holding an official function in HWRP

General information and objectives

Overall Objectives:
To apply hydrology to meet the needs for sustainable development and use of water and related resources; to the mitigation of water-related disasters; and to effective environmental management at national and international levels.

Purpose and Scope:
The Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (HWRP) fulfils one of the major purposes of WMO, namely "to promote activities in operational hydrology and to further close cooperation between Meteorological and Hydrological Services" (paragraph (e) of Article 2 of the Organization's Convention). There are also a number of important inter-agency activities which call on the resources of the Programme.

The activities under the HWRP concentrate on the measurement of basic hydrological elements from networks of hydrological and meteorological stations; the collection, processing, storage, retrieval and publication of hydrological data, including data on the quantity and quality of both surface water and groundwater; the provision of such data and related information for use in planning and operating water resources projects; and the installation and operation of hydrological forecasting systems.

The HWRP also promotes improvements in the capabilities in developing countries, through technology transfer and technical cooperation, so as to enable them, on their own, to assess their water resources on a continuous basis, to respond to threats of floods and droughts and thus to meet the requirements for water and its use and management for a range of purposes. The Programme takes into consideration the existence of global change and its hydrological impacts and the need to provide more information to the general public and to Governments so that they can better understand the importance of hydrology and the role of national Hydrological Services (NHSs) in their activities. The Programme also promotes increased collaboration between NHSs and NMSs, particularly in the provision of timely and accurate hydrological forecasts.

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Last update: 11/13/06
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